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My Services

I provide advice and help with Windows operating systems for the following PC software questions:

  • Data recovery
  • Virus, Trojan, and malware elimination
  • Home network configuration
  • Software-Installation
  • Worldwide remote maintenance (We speak: English, German, Czech)
Call me at: 0049-(0)69-40354814

Data recovery

It can happen on a computer that important files are lost. This is particularly bad when you lose irretrievable family photos, vacation photos, or important files that you need professionally. I use software that can bring your data back. For this, the hard drive must be accessible. If you have lost important files, then contact me at 0049-(0)69-40354814. I'll travel to your location within the city of Frankfurt am Main and pick up the hard drive at your place. In a few days, you will receive your data back on a data carrier according to your wishes.

Virus, Trojan, and Malware Elimination

It can happen that your PC gets infected by a virus, Trojan, or malware. I can eliminate viruses, Trojans, and malware from your computer. For this, I use special software. In a lot of cases, I can offer this service worldwide. Call me if you have problems with viruses, Trojans, or malware on your computer at 0049-(0)69-40354814.. I will be more than happy to assist you.

Home network Configuration

Would you like to install a home network that connects multiple devices, such as other PCs, a scanner, a printer, a TV, a washing machine etc. to your main server? If you need help setting up such a network, I am available for this service. I only perform this service at your location within the city of Frankfurt am Main. In many cases, a network cannot be set up remotely. Call me if you would like to use your new home network at 0049-(0)69-40354814.

Software Installation

Would you like to install a Windows operating system or Windows software and need help? I would be more than happy to install your Windows operating system or your Windows software. I offer this service also as remote maintenance worldwide. If you have a CD or DVD with a Windows program, which you would like to install, I can visit you within the city of Frankfurt (Main) and install your software.

Remote Maintenance

I provide most of my services listed above worldwide via remote maintenance. I would only like to ask you to download the software Ammyy from the Ammyy website and to open the file. You will see Your ID and Your Password on the left hand side. This ID and Password you will provide to me by phone at 0049-(0)69-40354814.


Fifteen minutes of work costs EUR 15. I charge EUR 60 per hour, but I count it in 15 minute blocks. After I have finished my services for you, you will receive an e-mail with the bill.

Advantages of my services

  • I have more than ten years of experience in the field of computer repair and software.
  • Remote maintenance worldwide.
  • Fair billing system (billing per each commenced quarter of an hour).
  • No VAT calculation because I am a small business owner. My prices are the total prices.
  • No calculation of travel costs for routes within the city of Frankfurt am Main to the computer location.

About me

My name is Pavel Kerbic. I was born in 1975 in Nymburk, Czech republic. Already in my schooldays I learned the programming language "Basic". At the beginning of the 1990s, I successfully completed my apprenticeship as an electromechanic with special distinction. During this time, I collected my first experience in dealing with my own personal computer. Thereafter, I worked for the traffic company in Prague and for the lift and elevator company Kone. I also worked as a machine setter for the Glassworks Bohemia.

In the year 2001, I moved to Frankfurt (Main) in order to marry my wife Martina Ledermann. Since 2006, I have worked as a PC technician and software expert. I specialized in software consultancy and help in software related questions.