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In this area, you will find a lot of PC tips. Before you call a PC technician, you can do the following actions:

First Aid for PC Problems

- If you got an error message on your PC, please press the print screen button, open Windows Paint and paste screenshot with ctrl + v. Save the screenshot with a useful name. Then, you can send or show me this screenshot before I try to help you with your PC problems.

- Regardless of what type of error occurs, reboot your computer and see if the error still occurs.

Advanced Measures for PC Problems

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- If an error occurs in MS Office, you can repair Office with the Repair feature. To do this, go to the Start menu on your desktop, right-click - "Programs and Features" (Windows 10), go to the program named "MS Office", right-click the program, and then select "Change and Repair". This will allow you to quickly fix potential errors in MS Office.

Computer-Service in Frankfurt am Main

Computer-Service in Frankfurt am Main

- If a program does not close because it got stuck, go to the desktop on your taskbar, open the task manager with a right-click, find the program in the list at the top that is causing the problems, right-click the program and then click "End Task".

Computer-Service in Frankfurt am Main

Im Taskmanager sehen Sie eine Vielzahl von Prozessen, die auf Ihrem Computer laufen. Sie können daran auch erkennen, wie viel Prozent der Prozess von Ihrer Performance beansprucht. Manchmal ist ein PC verlangsamt und Sie wissen nicht, weshalb. Auch hier kann Ihnen der Taskmanager hilfreich sein, da Sie erkennen können, welcher Prozess in einem höheren Prozentbereich läuft.

Other Useful measures for PC Problems

- To protect yourself effectively against Trojans and viruses, you should definitely have a reliable anti-virus program installed on your computer.

- Pay attention to which websites you visit. Avoid frivolous web pages that, for example, have no imprint.

- Be careful when downloading software from external sources. Only download software from reputable websites, such as sourceforge.net, heise.de, computerbild.de, and chip.de and use manual installation.

- Am besten, Sie laden Software immer direkt von der Anbieter-Webseite herunter.

- almost importantly, always download software directly from the provider website. When installing software within the setup, pay close attention to what is installed. Sometimes vendors try to get users to install toolbars or other programs that users do not want. Please install CCleaner and clean your whole system, including the registry regularly. There are often unused file extensions or remnants of uninstalled programs that are still uselessly stored on the computer. CCleaner is free software. Link: https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner

I hope to have helped you with these independently applicable tips. Of course I am at your disposal for any further questions about solving your PC problems! Call me at: 0049-(0)69-40354814